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Morenci's bad old days leading up to the recall vote.

David Stutzman

Is that Betty Storrs on the right from Fayette's Silver Hanger clothing store?

Frank Cordts

Navy officer Dan Bruggeman

Looks like wedding day for Denise

Hoarfrost morning

Nightmare on Summit Street

A Rich Man with Jaundice – created on the Observer's scanner with a few crinoids – one of the editor's favorite fossils

Michael Van Dam, Duane Dunbar and Joe Schultz

 Collecting road apples at the Morenci festival. Wilda Craig?

Bank of Lenawee Christmas photo from the 1980s

Tom Horton and his apple cider press

Lester "Ike" Peterson

Coach Kay Johnson circa 1987

Middle school jump roping event

How odd...the image of a bulldog appeared on the side of the high school whenever Morenci defeated Hudson in football

Parker Rust Proof office building

Winter colors

I went to the Bean Tuesday afternoon in search of color – color other than shades of brown.

I felt rather derelict because it happened to be Tuesday afternoon and I returned home right about newspaper deadline time. It was like the first act of retirement.

The weather shed

The morning sky shows some color over George Isobar's weather shed.


A photograph of bottlebrush in the winter never made it into print before there was no print remaining.

Old Age

This apple has reached old age.


While walking new territory in the far southwestern region of residential Morenci, I spied dried sweetgum fruit on the sidewalk. I told one of my walking companions who said something like, "Now you need to find someone who's interested in that."

There was a time when I made a lot of silly YouTube videos while at work. There's an entire collection showing ways to get hurt at the Observer.